ICSSO is a fully self-financed nonprofit organization, established with the purpose of securing global cyberspace by promoting cybersecurity awareness and protection at all levels of Government, businesses and global societies, protecting privacy, ensuring public safety, economic, national and international security.

The organization comprises of representatives from government and law enforcement officials, both regional and international cybersecurity stakeholders, subject matter experts, and internationally renowned cybersecurity professionals, all of which have come together with the purpose of strengthening cybersecurity in both the public and private sectors on a global platform. The main aim of ICSSO is to develop a competitive international cybersecurity ecosystem, to support the protection of the global Digital Single Market with trusted cybersecurity solutions, and to contribute to the advancement of the international digital autonomy.

What we do?

At ICSSO, we ensure the online safety and security of different global, regional and local organizations. In this lieu, we have developed fool-proof mechanism for the implementation of the global safety standards to protect the valuable data and privacy of global internet users present any corner of the world.

ICSSO Objectives

The objectives of ICSSO is to globally implement the universal code of safety and security protecting the data security of not only the common users but also to develop the mechanism which makes it impossible for the hackers to breach the privacy on cyberspace.

Management Team

Our management team includes the advisory members from the global, regional and local bodies as well as specialists of different fields enriching the value provided by us.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board members are the experts of the cyberspace and recent development in the digital arena. The members of the advisory board are selected for the 3 periods and the regularly meet for policymaking. The advisory members are represented from every region at ICSSO. Meanwhile we ensure the women representation and presence in the advisory as well as management team for better addressing the challenges faced by the women at digital workplace.

Media Centre

Since ICSSO is a globally recognized body having presence in every geographic region. Our news stories, press releases or latest developments are published in AFP, APP and Reuters which is later picked up by globally acknowledged media houses and media moguls. We ensure to be responsible and as much precise as possible on media.

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