The main aim of ICSSO is to develop a competitive international cybersecurity ecosystem, to support the protection of the global Digital Single Market with trusted cyber security solutions, and to contribute to the advancement of the international digital autonomy.

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Over the years ICSSO has become the most preferred source of busiensses and organizations to get information and take measures for cybersecurity


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What we do?

Educating & Empowering digital societies globally

ICSSO is a fully self-financed nonprofit organization, established with the purpose of securing global cyberspace by promoting cybersecurity awareness campaigns and providing necessary means to protect goverment bodies, businesses and global societies.

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Get involved & promote a safer, more secure internet

ICSSO along with its partners have come up with the products and solutions that would help businesses and societies worldwide stay safe from cybercrime

Events & News

ICSSO declared as the most reliable 5 trustworthy organizations in Cyberspace

ICSSO has been declared as the most-esteemed and trust-worthy organizations related to cyber space and digital world. The achievement speaks a lot about what the contribution which the organization has made in the digital world.

ICSSO announces initiative to increase women’s role in the cyber field

In order to protect women from digital harassment and changing nature of crimes against women, ICSSO has come up multiple programs for the protection and safety of the women empowering them to lead in their respective domain.

19th Cybersecurity awareness campaign begins today

A massive campaign for the awareness of the cybersecurity and for the protection of individual data security and protecting them from data theft, and infringement of basic digital rights has been initiated amid massive response

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